Hydraulic pump – new or renovated ?

The hydraulic pump is one of the most critical components in a forestry machine, as it is responsible for the functioning of the entire hydraulic system. Due to intensive work and lack of regular inspection and care, it can become damaged.

What to do in such a situation?

There are two solutions – purchase a new pump or a renovated one.

The first option seems to be the most appropriate, but it should be remembered that the hydraulic pump is a very expensive component that can greatly deplete our wallet.

Fortunately, there is a very good alternative, namely a renovated pump.

Is it worth opting for it?

Of course. Renovating allows you to restore the pump to its factory condition by performing several procedures which are:

  • removal of old lubricant
  • thorough cleaning of all components with a hot wash, followed by hand washing
  • replacement of damaged parts, including seals
  • bleeding the system
  • filling the pump with fresh hydraulic oil

As a result, the renovated pump is ready to work, and its service life does not differ from that of a new one. In addition, the pump undergoing such a treatment gets a warranty, as in the case of hydraulic pump PG201562 available in our online store – https://www.sklep.forestagri.pl/en/hydraulic-pump-pg201562,3,32202,37072.

If you are just facing the decision whether to buy a new or renovated pump, and your budget is limited – you can choose option No. 2 without any worries.