The most frequently replaced components in a forestry machine

Forest machines, like other vehicles, break down. Due to the nature of their work, they are exposed to faster wear of parts as a result of intensive use.

Which items are most frequently replaced? Definitely the ones below.

  1. Guides, chains, knives – these are parts used for felling and limbing, which are in constant contact with the factor causing their wear
  2. Pins, seals – are damaged as a result of long-term operation, where changing weather conditions are an additional factor influencing the damage
  3. Drive shafts – crosses and shaft support bearings are the most vulnerable here due to heavy loads and operation in difficult conditions
  4. Booms – the element is used regularly to move wood of various sizes, which is why it is exposed to bending or breaking due to overloading. In addition, sometimes there may be problems with the electronics, making it difficult to transmit commands
  5. Fuel systems – the most common cause of failure is contamination in the fuel tank or faulty electrical connection, e.g. loose wires, poor grounding, overheated contacts
  6. Hydraulic pumps – in this case, there can be many reasons, but the most common include incorrect valve adjustment, jamming or blocking of valves due to freezing of water in the oil, too low oil level in the tank and lack of filtration
  7. Gearboxes – the main factor influencing the occurrence of failures is low or no oil level, but also wear of gears or problems with bearings or differential system

Can we prevent the above damage?

Yes and no. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the wear and tear of parts, but we can extend their life through proper use, checking the level of liquids or filters and maintenance.

It is very important that operators are sensitive to emerging signals. Disturbing noises coming from the machine or a drop in the work level heralds upcoming problems. A quick response enables diagnosis and prevents the formation of more advanced faults, which generate significantly higher costs.

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