MenSe feed rollers

The MenSe brand offers improved feed rollers with different sizes and gripping surfaces:

  • standard for normal trunks
  • for wood with thin bark
  • for wood with thick bark
  • extra wide conical roller for peeling eucalyptus wood and other special models
  • V-TEC

Selected roller designs have rubber shock absorbers that improve adhesion to wood. The feed output is sharper, the measurement search is faster and more accurate, and the rollers roll smoothly even over branches. Different gripping surfaces provide the right grip for any type of wood. All these advantages translate into higher productivity and lower costs. There is a saving on maintenance as the gripper structure is protected from impact due to the elasticity of the rubber. An additional advantage is quieter operation and no vibrations in the cabin.

In addition, by choosing a specific feed roller model, you get additional parameters such as:

  • lightweight and non-clogging design
  • asymmetric teeth made of special steel for wear resistance
  • hardened rib ends that come into contact when the rollers overlap
  • larger gripping surface for large trunks
  • better support of the wood with longer spikes on the outer edge
  • MenSe feed rolls have a lifespan of several years, and the warranty is valid up to 2000 mth or 1 year.

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